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◼ Workshop 1:

+  Monday Oct 24, 12 pm - 1 pm

     Memorialization Unmoored: Mass Violence and 

     Memory in the Digital Age

     by David Simon,

     at Yale School of Architecture, North Gallery

In this talk, professor David Simon will discuss how the digital turn is changing the ways that we remember, interpret, and memorialize the past. How is the medium of digital technologies and platforms shaping the way in which past atrocities are being remembered and narrated? How do these technologies change the way we engage with these difficult pasts and share them with others?

◼ Workshop 2:

+  Tuesday Oct 25, 12 pm - 1 pm

     Urban History & Public Space Development of


     by Amatus Ndizeye & Josh Greene,

     at Yale School of Architecture, North Gallery

From a broken, post-genocide society to one of the countries with fastest-growing economy in the region, how did architects and artists work in the difficult socio-political context and create cities that heals? It's a workshop on why urban design matters and how we can create connections between people and places they share.

Our Family Garden Film.png

◼ Film Screening:

+ Tuesday Oct 25, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    Film Screening with artist: Our Family Garden

     with Smirna Kulenović

     at Yale School of Architecture, Hasting Hall

Screening of the 40-minute documentary of performance and landscape art project located in post-war Bosnia: Our Family Garden. A conversation about the liminal post-war ecosystems and memory, and what living monuments could offer to trauma-healing processes. Q&A with artist Smirna Kulenović follows the screening.

Out Family Garden 5_Smirna Kulenovic.jpg

◼ Workshop 3:

+ Wednesday Oct 26, 12 pm - 1 pm

    Performing Landscapes of Care

     with Smirna Kulenović

     at Yale School of Architecture, North Gallery

How do we heal Bioregions that suffered from conflict-related and colonial violence, through participative performative strategies? How can we, artists and architects, encourage dialogues between differently scaled bodies within these landscapes (microbial, human, non-human, land, water, trauma, politics)? In this workshop, Smirna Kulenović shares her transdisciplinary art research grounded in macro- and micro-performative strategies as intersections between geographic terrains and terrains of consciousness.

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